Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's OK Thursday!

It's OK...
  • To still love real food and splurge on girls night
  • and thoroughly enjoy ever single bite:
1. I made a Pizza Dip
2. -Seved it with a crusty garlic Tuscan bread
3.  Kristin made a beautiful salad
5.  Alison brought Ina Garten's Lemon Curd Tart
  • To only have 3/4 of our Christmas tree undecorated
  • That all my Christmas decor does not fit in the bins I pulled them from 
  • and that I need to go buy more storage! #acquirednewChristmasstuff
  • To love the feeling of DE-cluttering (aka throwing away crap!)
  • To still hold onto said crap, for awhile before being able to throw it away. Weird.
  • To be reading 3 books at once,  but read more blogs than anything bahaha
  • To really love connecting with some great bloggy friends!
  • To just be happy. What's wrong with being happy people??!!
  • To bug hubs every day about going away on a mini-vacay! Bahamas? What?
  • To want honest & real opinions about my cooking {I can take it, I want to be a better cook!}
  • To hope that you enter my spicy Tastefully Simple Giveaway!! 
  • To never have too much girl time!!
What are you OK with this fine Thursday?  
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  1. Loveeee your BLOG!!!

  2. I'm okay with the fact that this week has turned into an unexpected vacation week because I haven't been called to sub! Ahh, well. I'm enjoying the time off!

  3. I totally have four books on my bedside table but spend my time reading blogs, too!

  4. It's totally ok to splurge on girls night! That pizza dip looks ah-mazing! I'm pinning your recipe if you don't mind so I can make it in the future. And doesn't de-cluttering feel so good?! Now if only I can get myself to get started doing the same in the spare room, the closet, the list goes on...

  5. I always love to read these "It's OK" posts. I need to start linking up to them! I completely agree about splurging on girls night. All of your food looks mouth-watering! I wish I could eat like that all of the time and not gain a single ounce! :)

  6. omg that dip looks so good!! def using your changes to the recipe though! where did you find your tuscan bread? it looks delicious!

  7. Omg I am the same way, I have 2 books started but read blogs way more then books! Love the list!

  8. love you blog & you're right! Girls Night is the perfect time to splurge!

  9. I usually send my husband nonstop emails during the day to get my point across. What, 7 pictures of white sandy beaches? hmm...wonder what that means? :-)

  10. That dip and bread looks really good!

  11. Yummy that pizza dip looks soo good!And girl time is a must.. they keep us sane!!

  12. All of that food sounds amazing!! I love pizza dip! Some of my Christmas decor is still up to. I really need to get around to taking it down! xo Meggan// Lila Grace

  13. Thanks for the encouragement on my new blog!! And your blog is so great, I'm a new follower for sure :)

  14. That pizza dip looks amazing!!! Let me know if the bugging works!!! I want to go on a vacation...

  15. I have the same problem with my xmas stuff not fitting in my bins! crap! I must try that pizza dip!


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