Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Top 5 Favorites of January

Today I'm linking up for the first time with Rachel at Just Peachy!
Just Peachy

My Top 5 favorite of January were... 
1.) My Arden B fur vest I got for Christmas from the husband.
It's my favorite "going out" accessory!!
Bottom Middle is mine!
Source: google.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

2.) My new Ugg Slippers:
{I literally am in them all the time.
They do get quite toasty, which is great but sometimes a bit hot!!}
3.) Nights inside with my husband, doggies & a warm crackling fire.
I  just love a cold night in.
It's so quiet and peaceful...
Eh, well, even if he's playing COD, it's still nice!!
Note the Uggs!! xo
4.) Whipping up some fabulous dishes in the kitchen!
I am pushing myself to make new meals.
Seriously, the more you cook, the better you get!
Don't be shy, just grab a book and start cooking through it!
Julia & Julia anyone?
Disregard the extra "y" #overexcited
5.) Really getting back into working out with my two favorites:
Zumba & Yoga
I feel like I am really getting stronger & toning up so well.
As you can see, I refuse to 'diet' but if you work out and portion control,
you will see results.
{Cruise is a few months away, I'll get bikini ready by then!!}

I highly recommend Jillian Michaels' Yoga Meltdown.
I did level 2 yesterday=soooo sore today!!
I think that may count for 6 things but I've never been good with numbers.
What are your Top 5 favorites of January?
I'm so happy February starts tomorrow!
It's a month full of luuuuurrrrve & pink. 


  1. Your dogs are too cute! And where can I get the recipes for the turkey meatloaf?! Sounds delicious!

  2. How fun, love all the pics your Ugg slippers look so comfy :-)

  3. Those vests are amazing! SO CUTE!

    I've never done Zumba...can you believe it?! But I'm kind of addicted to our Kinect Dance Central game. SO FUN!

  4. CUTE uggs! I need a good, calm workout video for home so I will definitely try the yoga! =)

    megs [at] Shine On

    it's the last day to enter my giveaway!
    check it out here

  5. i almost bought a pair of ugg slippers, they look so awesome and warm :)

    cute blog!

  6. ugg slippers are MY LIFE! I don't go a day without wearing them haha I've owned 2 pairs so far and they're the best!

  7. just love the vest and your uggs look so warm :)

    and i hear you about the cooking ... the more i do it, the better i get.

    looks like a great January!

  8. Slippers look super comfy! I bet you don’t sport them as much as I sport my tall uggs, just cant seem to take them off!
    YUM!! Maybe its because I have yet to eat breakfast but I want all of those dishes! Good job!!

  9. It looks like you've had a wonderful month - super cozy and relaxing!

  10. I am a huge Zumba and yoga fan too! I do the JM Yoga Meltdown too every once in a while - it actually makes me sore the next day! And I love the fur vest :)

  11. I have very similar Ugg slippers! :) They are four years old now and still in perfect condition. Such a great investment! Your cold nights in look SO cozy and wonderful!! And I want to try out that Jillian Michaels DVD now, too.

    PS Have not tried the cab and rasp kisses combination yet, but I just bought a new pack of kisses so that could be in my near future!

  12. I so need a fur vest! Love the one you got for Christmas!

  13. i need ugg slippers. my feet are frozen in my apartment as we speak. ohhhh norway.

  14. I got UGG slippers for Christmas and I LOVE them. I seriously NEVER take them off if I'm at home! :)


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