Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's OK Thursday {what a great week!}

It's OK That... 
Note: I think I put too many in our salad haha!
  • That I added a new little Le Creuset to my {super small} collection
  •  That last week I felt like I was going to die in Zumba
  • Last night I felt like a Zumba Rock-star!
  •  I apologize to the girl with messy hair in front of me, who did not know how to dance nor could she stay in her space, for kicking and accidentally smacking you a few times. Move forward; you had plenty of room! or go to the back because you don't know what you're doing.No really, I kid....I am so proud of anyone who is out there shakin her thang, but seriously?  I couldn't see the instructor or dance in my own space because she was in it.
  • That I own about 6 aprons and haven't paid for any of them!
  • This is my newest addition: I won from Ashley's Giveaway Everyday AEM
  • That I think Giveaways are fun! I see so many bloggers complain about them, but I think it's all part of the blogging fun.  There are so many facets to blogging, and it's one of the many perks! I have found more cool little shops because of blog Giveaways, it truly is a great way to advertise.  
  • To be even more in love with my husband & happier now than I was 4 years ago when we met
    So sweet of him! {Our wedding colors!}
    • And lastly, to be overly excited that my idol, Giada, tweeted a :) to me.
    Oh, you want proof you say?
{Now, lovely readers, the odd thing is, I didn't @ or # her.
I mean, I have before, once or twice, but that was weeks ago. 
This particular photo I simply stated, 
"Yes, I pretend to be Giada."}
And attached this photo:
I was making our '4 YEARS of knowing each other dinner'
May have had a glass or two of Pinot, and took a picture of parsley on a plate.
Low and behold, my favorite Chef, or celebrity for that matter, tweeted.
To me.
How did she even know I said that?
I'm still smiling about this!
  • It's Okay that I am OK that I am a huge DORK.
What are you OK with today??
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  1. What exactly is Chia seed? I've heard of people talking about it.

  2. That's so awesome Giada replied to your tweet! Love her!!

  3. I laughed at your LOT od chia on your salad! :) So good though. I love that Giada tweeted you! :) YAY to 4 years!

  4. So jealous Giada tweeted you, that's just awesome!! :)

  5. I think we had very similar wedding flowers so pretty!

  6. Ooooh love the celebrity encounter over Twitter!! :) And Zumba kills me every time! I have no rhythm and can only imagine what I look like! Probably similar to the woman with the messy hair in front of you. Oh, dear!

  7. that is so awesome that she tweeted you! so cool!

    and Zumba sounds so fun ... i think i would love it!!

  8. I jumped on the Chia Seed band wagon too! I use them in overnight oats!

  9. I get super excited when people tweet me too. :) I only have one apron, but it was from a giveaway. I get annoyed when people push into my personal space during my hip hop dance class, so I feel your pain.

  10. When I get a celeb tweet I freak out! :)

    Love the apron!


  11. Thanks for dropping by my blog!! You go girl on working out! I LOVE Zumba! Haven't done it in a while.. need to find a new class! :) Ps. Very cool about Giada!

  12. So exciting when celebs tweet at you :) Love it!

  13. thanks for stopping by lifestyle maven! i'm glad you found me too - b/c now i've been able to check out your adorable blog : )

    glad to hear you love yoga - it's totally changed my life. but zumba is super fun too - i go with my mom, sister and aunt every once in a while and it's always a blast!


  14. Ooh cute blog as well and thanks for stopping by. :)

  15. What a great post! I just LOVE zumba and it's awesome you felt like a rockstar! My instructor is on maternity leave and the subs just aren't anywhere near as good as she is. =)

    megs [at] Shine On

  16. That apron is SO adorable!! I love it! And I still have never tried Zumba...I really want to!!

  17. Your new apron is so cute! And love the flowers from your hubby, very sweet! Have a good weekend :)

  18. I'm so jealous Giada tweeted you!!

    And I love that apron!


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