Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Hair & It's OK!

Today I'm OK with: new haircut. 
It's nothing drastic, 
{even though husband thinks I got a lot cut off, I really didn't, 
I just had it layered and I LOVE IT!}
...that I have AWESOME readers who gave really good hair advice!!
 ---sorry for the weird ducklips--
See? It's still pretty long babe!!
 ...that said hair cut with new product came close to a couple hunge...I love you baby!
...that it's 10am and I already made white bean spinach & sausage soup for the day being a housewife! husband gets this on a daily basis for breakfast:
...I still feel like I need more pink & red hearts around the house for Valentine's Day!
...I will put off reading my new magazine because I don't want to be done with it.
...That I really want to go on a date to the movies, but there are NO movies I want to see :(
...We woke up to a lightly ground covering of snow, and I love it.
...To really want to go tanning but I don't want skin cancer, but I hate being pale's a constant debate in my head every day!!
...that I don't believe in diets, but I am portion controlling like crazy & not eating after dinner!!
...It's Thursday which means the husband only works til 5 and has tomorrow off wooooo
...After having my 3 year old niece for just one night, it makes me appreciate the alone time hubs and I have because when the kids card is finally played, there will be no turning back to this quiet life!
What are you OK with?
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  1. LOVE the new hair! Very cute!

    You should try Mary Kay sunless tanner--I swear it works better than any other sunless tanner I've tried before!!

  2. LOVE your valentines table settings! I love love love setting my table pretty...and collecting a million napkin rings.

    I share your hatred for being pale. : ] Come to Tampa and you can lay out with me here!


  3. Your hair looks great!! And I constantly battle the tan thing too...I really want to just go, but shouldn't. And I also remind myself constantly about how nice our "quiet" little life is pre-kids.

  4. Cute hair! And I know what you mean, even when I get the tiniest bit of my hair trimmed, hubs thinks I cut a lot off! Jeez

  5. Love your new hair it looks amazing!! Also I want your placemats and napkins adorable :-)

  6. LOVE your new do! Doesn't it feel better? I got layers yesterday and Ioooove them. You look great! I love being a housewife too and before Aubree I cooked Jim breakfast every morning, too! Now I am up all night with my presh diva and I am a zombie until 10 am. Enjoy your quiet life! Babies are wonderful and I love my life as a mommy but they change EVERYTHING!

  7. Sexyyy lady!! loving the Hair! And that lucky husband of yours!! My poor husby is lucky if I turn on the coffee pot :/

  8. LOVE the hair! When I feel like I need some color, I use Amber Sun by Norvell - it's the same stuff they use at the spray tan places and people ask me how I've been spending time outside in the winter :) It really does look natural!

  9. beautiful hair!! i'm glad you didn't change it too drastically i love your hair the way it is

  10. You're hair look gorgeous!! I can't wait to get back to CT next month and get mine done.

  11. You know, I do the same things with my magazines, especially In Style and Real Simple. I hate reading them....because if I do, I'll have to wait til next month for new ones!

  12. You're hair looks great!

    I hate being pale too! I always want to go tanning but maybe this year I'll try the spray again.

  13. Love love love your hair! So cute! What a great breakfast... every morning? Wow! So awesome!


  14. Wow, your hair looks so pretty and healthy! Good choice on getting the layers. I love getting new hair/beauty products too.

    I do the same thing where I won't read a new magazine because I want to savor it. I've been watching a lot of Netflix movies because there are no "date movies" in the theaters now. :(

  15. Great post! Enjoyed reading it. Your hair looks great!

    ~Christina @ Marriage from Scratch

  16. Haircut looks great! Layers are always a good choice.

  17. I love your new haircut! So pretty! Your color is great. And I totally understand about wanting to go to the movies but nothing good playing. There is a theater here that has that's called "the great cheap date." You get bottomless drinks and popcorn, a sandwich and side and the movie. It's only $30/couple which is a pretty good deal. Well they only ever have like 3 movies to pick from and every time we think about going there is nothing good we want to see. Annoying!

    Hope you have a good weekend :)

  18. Your hair is so pretty! I have the same issue with tanning - you should try St. Tropez tanning mousse. Seriously the best self-tanner ever!


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