Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10 Things

...that people don't know about me!  Well that's a tricky one since I consider myself a pretty open book.  I suppose it's all based on perception and what I think people don't know, even though I feel like everyone should know pretty much everything about me.  Either way, I thought this would be fun since I'm 35 and I have changed a lot since I started blogging; (I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this kind of thing before!)

1.  I hate the "victim mentality."  Anyone who makes excuses or plays the "poor me card" on a regular basis doesn't cut it with me.  I've straight up told (and lost friends) how I felt with their pity parties.  Don't make excuses, just be better. You can have your whoa is me moment IF it's really necessary, but pick yourself up, brush yourself off and get over it. Life is TOO short!

2.  I love hip hop and gagsta rap.  (Along with Jazz music, disco, country, classical & pop!) I remember being in college and my friend Norm was like what is with your rap crap??  I was so happy to find out that Joe was a hip hop lover and we still have so much fun bumping and blaring inappropriate tunes in his car, without the kids.  Something about it makes ya feel bad ass. (See: I'm also a huge dork)

3.   I went to SUNY Fredonia for my undergrad, Masters at SUNY Brockport & got a job teaching English right out of college.  I taught grades 7-12 and 7th was my favorite! I was a teacher for 8 years and then decided to stay home and play housewife.  Things got real when we had our baby Brooke and then added baby Bradley.  Now I'm the CEO of my household as my friend Elizabeth calls it.  No I don't consider myself "wearing the pants" but I do run this place like a boss.  The cooking, shopping, laundry, dishes, walking the dog, bathing the kids, everything that happens in this house is pretty much me.  Why?  My husband works like a million hours a week and even on his days off, he's still off working on something. I take my job very seriously (and really enjoy my days off like yesterday with a shopping day!)

4.  I cook breakfast every single morning and this is something I hope to never stop! It wasn't something that either of us grew up with, but Joe and I love having family breakfast every day.  I make eggs, waffles (usually frozen unless it's a weekend) bacon, maybe cereal for the kids or oatmeal, and fresh fruit.  Vitamins are laid out and everyone eats together, unless baby boy is hangry, in which case ya feed the kid first to get him to stop crying. Don't worry, he'll eat more later!

5.  I have a really really big heart, BUT I will not be treated like crap.  I grew up in a household where I pretty much daily tried to please my parents. I used to take pride on being the good girl. I did my homework, got good grades, did not party (drink/smoke etc) and loved hanging out with my sisters.  I worked two jobs my senior year before I went to college while I lost most of my friends because all they wanted to do was party.  I carried this "goody-two-shoes" act for awhile, though I really enjoyed my college years.  Along the way I have learned that you have got to put yourself first because as an adult, the only one you should be pleasing is yourself.  Ultimately you will piss people off and I've come to terms with it's their deal, not mine.  I still have a huge heart but I focus my efforts on the people who matter most in my life and stay away from the drama.

6.  I never dreamed I would be in direct sales.  I know if you've followed my journey, you have seen me lose weight and become super healthy with Advocare.  I am pretty proud of all that I did with Advo & still to this day earn a little income each month simply from all of the hard work I did years ago.  My biggest takeaway from that experience was my health; I learned how to eat the right foods for my body type and also I gained confidence.  I started reading more self-development books and really saw a huge shift in myself.

7.  That said, I was nervous to take the leap with Keep Collective & then Stella & Dot.  Since the vitamin world wasn't really doing it for me any more, I wanted to have something a little more fun and that I could actually play with/party with.  I was super worried about what others would think; I never wanted to come across as the girl who's trying to sell everything.  But then one day it just clicked and I realized I just don't care what people think.  If I'm happy and helping others girls have fun and feel pretty with some beautiful accessories, go with it! Hello dream job! Now I can actually have trunk shows and adult time to really enjoy other women's company.

8.  I'm a bookworm.  It got hard to read after having kids and easy to make excuses; one day I just stopped all that junk and started really to listen to audiobooks. (Which by the way I just read a big article on how they're making such a huge comeback!)  Our iphones make it so easy to upload a book (free from Overdrive and your library!) or you can buy a book at audible, an amazon company.  I listened to two or three books and then was completely hooked on that rush you get when you finish a good novel.  Listening is a little tricky, but for a SAHM alone with two little kids, I have more time to listen and do the dishes, laundry, clean then I do to sit down and actually read a book.  Which, I do still make time to physically read, but I find listening to be a little easier.

9.  I am pretty observant and often read into things.  It's something I'm trying to work on not doing, because you really can drive yourself crazy.  I think that it will come in handy when our kids are teenagers and I'm very aware of all that they are doing or are trying to do.  It weird me out a little bit when I get home and I can tell that the babysitter moved stuff around the house, my cupboards or dishes or whatever.  I think this stems from me being a control freak and I really don't like anyone else taking over my jobs or helping me, even though I am well aware that I am not super woman and that I do need assistance.

10.  I take some things super serious.  I find that if I can pick and choose some "challenges" or goals and follow them through, it feels so good at the end.  Sometimes I fail and give up on things, like working out every single day or eating 100% clean, but I really try to give myself grace.  This little blogging challenge makes me finish something every day and that feels really good.  I think staying home and raising kids is one of the best things I could ever do; the hard part is that I don't really see the good that I am doing.  There's no pay check or "mommy you're doing a great job!" haha. Nor is there something to check off at the end of the week.   It's one of those things where later on, down the line I'm sure I'll fully realize all that I was doing in these crazy days of mine, but giving myself personal goals has helped me keep my own mind on track and feeling a sense of "Jenn" and not just mom/wife.  That's important to me.

Probably a little more than I could have written, but there you have it!  Maybe you learned something about me? What are 10 things about you?

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