Saturday, October 1, 2016

Best Childhood Memories

...playing with my sisters indoors on rainy Saturdays; singing, dancing, making up plays and performing them in front of my parents.

...coming home to freshly baked cookies after school.

...spending the night at my Grandma Owl's house and having tea with cream & sugar, watching QVC

...playing with our dog Bacca out back in the yard

...baking Christmas cookies with my mom and some of her friends

...lip synching Tiffany with my hairbrush while standing on a unicorn toy box...maybe singing The Bangles too

...dressing up our cats in baby doll clothes

...Sunday nights after a big family steak dinner, we'd take our baths/showers and settle in for a family TV night.  We'd watch Life Goes On and America's Funniest Videos.

...taking trips to Charleston SC mom making us hot cocoa after playing outside in the snow dad making me my lunch and always adding a little note

...swimming in the pool for hours on end, probably annoying the daylights out of my mom.

...walking in the woods with my grandparents on their 100 acres of land.

...going to dance class on cool Autumn nights.

...visiting relatives at the lake in the Summer

...making playdough and finger painting with my mom

...dressing up for Halloween and trick-or-treating with my family

...going to see Sesame Street Live in the city

...writing in my Hello Kitty journal

...pumpkin carving

...s'mores on Labor Day at the lake

...sitting at the table doing my homework while my mom cooked dinner (yes, I do think fondly of that!)

...pretending we were gymnasts, my sisters and I

...making homemade taco shells for taco night

...Christmas eves at my Grandma Owl's and my mom's side of the family

...Christmas mornings

...Christmas dinner with my grandparents, my dad's side.

...driving home from Grandma and Grandpa's singing Christmas carols, all five of us

...going to work with my dad on his late nights

...getting a big 6 CD changer for my 13th birthday and loving All-4-One songs

...snuggling with our dog Tillie most nights

...playing barbies for hours in our basement, along with my little pony...

I'm pretty grateful for having such a wonderful childhood. It wasn't always perfect, but it was beautiful and loving.  My sisters and I were really close, in fact all five of us were very close.  While things have changed and evolved, and my parents are divorced, I have hope that we can in our own ways get back to some sort of closeness that currently does not exist.  I have huge hope that my sisters and I can reconnect, I guess you could say that would be top on my Christmas wish list this year. 

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