Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Birthday to my Husband

My handsome hubby is 39 years old today.  I cannot believe I have been with him long enough to celebrate birthdays 31-39.  I'm proud to say how much I've grown to learn what kind of man he is; I am beyond grateful to share life with this person.  It's funny because when I was young and thinking about what life would be like once I found "Mr Right," I really had no clue what that would entail.  I didn't realize how many ups and downs life would throw at me.  I didn't expect the depth of emotions I would feel once we had children together.  I sincerely didn't have any idea how much I needed to continue to grow and learn and become a better person every single day.  I am certain that Joe showing me that life is too short and that things don't ever get easier, we just must get better, is by far the best gift I have ever received. (Aside from our children.)

Every year on his birthday he works.  He always has a tent sale and at least his birthday falls on Sunday this year, which means he was able to relax and open up his cards from the kids and a few gifts before work.  I tried to make him the best homemade waffles with a side of fruit, bacon, over-medium egg w/ avocado, so he could enjoy it in bed.

Since I'm still not 100% better, we are keeping it low key and I'll be cooking up some homemade bread, lobster risotto and some bacon wrapped chicken for dinner. My sister and brother in law will be coming over and bringing dessert.

Bradley keeps saying, "Happy Birthday Holly" (it was her birthday last?!) and Brooke spilled the beans a bit on his gifts; life with kids!

I need to do something major next year for his birthday; it may have to be an alternate weekend since his will again fall when he has to work, but 40 is a big deal and I'm thinking (and hoping) we'll be able to do something super fantastic.

Happy Birthday my love; I hope that your day is filled with so much love and light. May your year be healthy, fun, loving and full of money (as I know how hard you work for it!)  I love you boo.

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