Monday, October 24, 2016

Weekend Highlights

It was super rainy
We needed the rain, and it was a good day to stay inside.
I made Joe breakfast in bed and after that he took Brooke out for a few hours.
They checked on a new house we're closing on, stopped at the mall for lunch,
and I was able to spend time with Bradley.
I even got a good workout it!
I made applesauce, man pleasing chicken thighs w/ basmati rice.
Brooke had dance at 6:15.
After that he played video games and I read/relaxed.
Found this drink I need to make ASAP!

It rained pretty much all day until it was almost time for us to go out.
I made sure to get a workout in.
I tidied up the house; keeping up with the dishes and laundry is no joke.
Kids took decent naps so that was helpful!
I was able to play around a bit with my outfits.
I was dying to wear my Harper necklace.

I switched out the shirt last minute because I feel like black always looks a little more chic.

Babysitter came over around 5:30 and we were out the door at 6:10.
Dinner reservations at a newer sports bar/restaurant Clutch.
My Pumpkin Pie Sangria was really really good!
Dinner was okay. Glorified bar food.

After dinner we went over to a breast cancer awareness fundraiser at Hooligans.
Hubby's work was putting it on and so it was fun to see people from work.
They had raffles etc. We actually won two baskets!
After that we went over to our friend Chris & Jill's house for a few.
We weren't out terribly late.

Pretty darn lazy. 
Jill brought her baby over so she could go to a baby shower, so we played for 3 hours.

After Bradley's nap, we did a little pumpkin painting.

Joe started a fire and I kept it going all day and into the night, as he went hunting.

It was a perfect mix of getting out and doing a little something 
and staying inside and relaxing.

How was your weekend?

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  1. What a great weekend! I wish we had a fireplace!


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