Thursday, October 27, 2016

In Ten Years

Well, today's a big one.  Where do I hope to be in 10 years?  I guess I'll start with our ages.

I'll be 45.
Joe will be 49.
Brooke will be 13.
Bradley will be 11.

Holy moly!!

I can see us living on our land in our beautiful home. We will have been there about 7/8 years, if all goes correctly.  We'll have gardens that are flourishing by that time; a pool, chickens and a big barn.

Joe seems to think the kids will have go-carts and mini bikes, because that's what kids enjoy.  I never had any, but I do like the idea of them being able to drive around the yard/woods before having to jump behind a wheel on the actual road.

We'll have a big Golden Doodle and he will be so amazing.  Holly would be 16, so it's quite possible she's still with us! Those little dogs have amazing life spans.

I see Joe retired from the car biz and working for himself.  I can see us possible working together; I just know that I will be in my home when those kids get off the bus.  They'll probably be into sports or some after school activities, and I'll need to be there to drive them and supervise.  I also want to have nightly family dinners and still be cooking up a storm in our gorgeous kitchen.

If I don't work for "us" then I'll certainly be doing something, as clearly I enjoy earning income for my family and doing something that I am passionate about.

I think I'll be in amazing shape because I'll have the time to get into a yoga studio, barre classes, or whatever the craze is in 10 years.

I'll be reading even more books, as I'll have a little more time to myself than I do now! ha

Joe will have put his Crohn's into remission.  He is pain free and healthy as can be.

We will have traveled and taken many vacations in the last 10 years.  Some with the kids, some without.

We have 15 rental properties.

Everyone is getting along and talking to one another {aka no family drama!!}

We have purchased a lake house and enjoy spending time there in the summer.

I have become a published author and written two books.

We have an amazing holiday party every year that everyone looks forward to dressing up and coming to.  (This has always been a dream of mine!)

We are officially millionaires.

I will take Brooke on a mom/daughter getaway. Just us girls! I know that the teenage years will be tricky, but I will work hard on our relationship.

I spend some time volunteering at a women's shelter, helping others get back on their feet.

In the last ten years, look how fast the internet has changed the way we live. I am nervous but excited to see where the next ten years will take us.  Clearly I have a big to-do list ahead of me, but I am willing to hustle and grind today so that we can live comfortably later in life.

Dream Big my friends; it's the only way to live!

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