Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Letter to my Younger Self...

As I thought about writing this post, the "younger self" that really came to mind was when I was 26. It was right before I met Joe and I owned my own house, worked full time as an English teacher and was going to school to finish my Master's Degree.  I had a pretty crappy love life and was quite involved with school. I had a few really close friends, but I was definitely a little lost and missing something (or someone ;) It's kind of funny because I remember as the new year approached in 2008, I was telling myself I had no time for boys and to focus on my teaching and grad classes. That's really funny, looking back now, as January 2008, I met my now husband.

Dear Jenn,

You have got to give yourself some major slack.  You are far too hard on yourself; no reason to stress and worry so much.  You tend to make mountains out of mole hills and there's really no need for that. You'll learn to let go and let live eventually, but if you could do it sooner than later, I bet it'll save you a lot of heartache...

Speaking of, all those guys you tried dating and it didn't work out?  There's a huge reason for that. They weren't right for you.  You should spend more time alone. Go outside. Read more books for fun. Keep doing all that you are doing for school; you are a great teacher and those kids need you.

Eat better. Lean cuisines and diet mountain dew are not healthy.  Skip processed foods and eat real living fruits and veggies.  You'll probably ward off lots of germs. PS probiotics are really good for you!

Enjoy your time with Sadie lady; she was brought into your life for a reason and you'll miss her crazy ways one day.  Snuggle in bed with her as long as you can; pretty soon you'll meet someone and won't need the dog in the bed too.

Spend more time with your youngest sister; she is troubled, but maybe more time with her would help.

Maybe take some time and see a counselor a few more times about your sister and also for your parents' divorce.  Try and see both sides and view it from an outside perspective.  It'll get really ugly and being the daughter is never easy with a messy divorce.  Find some more support here; you'll need it.

Spend more time with your grandma & grandpa.

Take more trips.

Don't go back to any of your exes. They're your exes for a reason.

Your laundry and housework is a joke; wait until you have two kids, a husband and a 2000 square foot house.  A little dog fur and a few dishes is really nothing...

Learn to do things asap and not procrastinate.

Start wearing eye liner; it makes a huge difference!

Keep up the brunch tradition with your friends as long as you can. You'll miss it.

You should try to find a few families to babysit for on the weekends or weeknights. You could make some major bank!

Don't worry about what people say or think of you. It really doesn't matter.

Bagels for breakfast are not healthy.

Spend more time with your mom.

Go out to eat alone. Go to the movies alone. Do things independently.

Start listening to self improvement books, or reading them. It will change you.

On the other hand?

Don't do anything I mentioned, because everything you're doing will bring you right to where you need to be...

You, my dear, are living one hell of an amazingly awesome life.


Your 35 year old kick ass self.

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