Sunday, October 30, 2016

Top 10 Health Tips

I am by no means an expert, but I thought I'd share a few important health reminders.  As I've mentioned before, we really put a huge emphasis on our health because of Joe's Crohn's and we value our bodies so much!! We only get on body, so we should treat it like gold.  That said, I know that it's impossible to be perfect 100% and I'm totally guilty of enjoying a glass of vino every now and then.  Heck, I even give my kids McDonald's every once in awhile.

However, it's 90% of the time where we try our best to do the following.

1.  Sleep
I find that I work best on 7-8 hours.  It's not always easy, but man when I don't get my sleep--I feel awful, I act terrible and I just can't think straight.  Getting enough sleep would be my BIGGEST suggestion if you're irritable.  Mama I know it's tough when the babes are small and not sleeping through the night; it's insane.  DO NOT load up on coffee and other caffeine drinks. Simply try to get more sleep.  Get a sitter. Have your husband get up.  I wish I had taken my sleep a little more seriously with my second kid.  I definitely feel like I got a little nutty with no sleep.  Now we are BLESSED to have to babes sleep through the night.  It was a lot of tough love and work, but we never co-slept or even had the babies in our room. Personal preference, but man I am so thankful we did that today.  Our kids sleep 12 hours a night now, most nights.

2.  Drink Water 
I mean only water.  I learned that you should drink half of your body weight in water daily, and I swear it helps me stay alert, my skin is clearer and I don't eat too much junk.  Play around with the water to see what you prefer; I like mine ICE cold and Joe likes his water room temperature.  I'll add grapefruit essential oil to give it a new flavor.  Lemon or strawberries can be added to give it a different taste too.  I also have found how amazing products like Yeti or Corkcicle can keep your drinks super cold all day and all night.

3.  Move
I hate to say you have to exercise, but we really should try to sweat for 10-20 minutes (if not more) daily.  Get outside, get some fresh air, walk the dog. Chase your kids. Jump rope. Go on you tube and workout for free.  Find something that you enjoy and do it. A lot.  If you just make it a habit to do 10 minutes a day, I bet you'll surprise yourself and end up moving even more.  It's so good to keep our bodies stretching, moving and sweating.

4.  80/20
I personally feel my best when I don't eat packaged or processed junk. I know it's easy and convenient, but it's not worth the price of feeling like garbage.  I think our plates should be mostly veggies/greens, fruits--basically anything that has been grown! Also focus on lean proteins like organic chicken, pork, and lots of fish. I know it's so tempting to eat pizza, burgers and fries all the time but it's just not good for us.  The more veggies and fruits you eat, and reduce the starchy carbs, you'll be amazed at the energy and awesome feel good vibes you will have!

5.  Limit Sugar 
It's a tricky one, that sugar! It sneaks into everything we eat and drink, even if we are trying to be aware.  Watch those expensive Starbucks drinks; I am guilty as charged.  Just had to reign in my bad habit with over 40 grams a pop for most of them, it's not good for our guts OR bank accounts. Just sayin.  Sugar is so addicting and really does a number on us.  I try very hard to limit sugar going into my kids' mouths and will definitely be donating or throwing away most of their candy after Halloween.  2 & 4 they don't need all that junk! Enjoy the holiday, but don't overdue it. That's my motto.

6.  Don't stress
Stress kills.  Slow down and breathe.  Take some time for yourself; if I'm getting worked up, I try to stop and ask myself, will this matter in 5 minutes? 5 days? 5 months? 5 years? Most likely, no.  Chill out and stop stressing.  Find some good habits like taking a walk, a bubble bath or reading a book to take your mind off of whatever is bugging you.  Essential oils helped me a lot; I breathe them in, do some yoga and move on. #namaste

7.  Personal Development {PD}
Kind of becoming a trendy thing, and I'm super excited about this! I think EVERYONE should listen or read something motivational every single day.  Just like our bodies, we have got to take care of our minds.  What we think about, becomes.  What we believe, we can achieve. If you can learn to train yourself to "not go there" down the path of worry, stress, anger, madness...and focus on positivity, gratitude, and becoming better than yesterday, life gets so much better. I'm not perfect. I still get upset, yell, become frustrated, but I know each day I work at it to become a better version of myself. (see these posts for more)

8.  Laugh
I do believe laughter is the best medicine. Once I learned to stop taking life so seriously, I've become a happier person. Watch more comedies. Hangout with people who are funny.  Enjoy being silly and goofy with your kids. Lighten up. Life is too short to get all twisted over a bunch of garbage; so just laugh it off. I am so thankful my husband taught me this 9 years ago.  I was so uptight and worried about so much, it's a wonder I enjoyed much of anything!  Pull up some funny memes, go to you tube, whatever makes you crack a smile, go do it on the daily.

9.  Vitamins/supplements
Obviously work with a Dr. or healthcare professional.  I strongly believe in taking some supplements to stay healthy.  I think vitamin D is super important up here in NY because we never see the sun from October until pretty much May it seems.  I know that omegas help immensely with a lot.  A solid multi-vitamin is also key to staying healthy.  Probiotics have got to be my #1 recommendation if nothing else.  Good gut bacteria is essential and with all of the "food" we eat, it's not always helping our guts.  Find a good probiotic or two and add them into your diet. Kombucha is also really good, along with Kefir.  Even yogurt in moderation is awesome.

10.  Green Tea {matcha}
Since my reflux, I just can't do anything that has a lot of caffeine.  I've always enjoyed green tea, so I usually have a cup of that.  I have however, found a new love: Matcha.  I've talked a lot about it lately, but I can't stop raving about it.  It gives me a slow released energy all day. No high. No crash. It's just a subtle calming energy.  Google it; there are TONS of benefits!  Sure I love one from Starbucks but it is loaded with sugar and it's $$.  Here is my homemade recipe; I ordered the matcha powder from Amazon. 

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