Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Day in the Life

I love these posts! Mostly because I like seeing what other people do all day!  For me, no two days are the same, but I figured I'd give you a run-down of what typically happens during our day.

6:30/7:00- wake up. I'm trying so hard to get up earlier, but it's dark and cold and the bed is so warm! Oy! I really do enjoy when I have a little "quiet/me time" first thing though.

I walk the dog for about 10 minutes, brew some tea, and hopefully get a little time to check in with myself (meditate/gentle yoga) and check in on my biz (Stella & Dot)

7:30- iron Joe's work clothes, start the bacon & make the bed.

8:00 kids need juice, a cartoon to occupy them while I make breakfast.

Depending on the day, Joe leaves for work anywhere from 8-8:45.  He often takes Brooke to school as well, so that's always a little extra fun to get her ready and out the door too!

If I'm on top of my game, I make my breakfast too, if not I make it after he leaves.

All three of us go outside and wave goodbye to Daddy, outside.  

I will put the TV back on to let the kids watch Paw Patrol at 9am.

9:00- I make my Green Tea Latte & check in with my blog, Facebook, instagram etc.

9:30 I try very hard to peel myself away from the computer and wash the dishes.  One motivater is a good audio book! I'm currently listening to this:

10:00- Snacks all around (I've been enjoying this treat!) followed by playing upstairs, cleaning up bedrooms, getting dressed for the day etc. I may put away laundry

11:30: Workout (if I'm doing one with the kids-they LOVE Country Heat) 

12:00: Lunch

1:00 Nap time (for Bradley) Brooke is to play quietly in her room, sometimes she falls asleep, sometimes not. I typically get my shower in for the day, Joe may come home for lunch, I work on my biz, clean up whatever I need to, dishes, laundry, toys, repeat.  Today (Wednesday) I actually just did my workout and ate my lunch, and typed this blog post.

2:30 Kids are up. Snack/juice time

3:00 I try to get us outdoors while we can!  We may drive to a park, run errands or just play in the yard.  OR if it's raining, we may play in the basement to change up the scenery.

We found Brooke's piggy costume from 2 years ago and they got a kick out of playing with it.

4:30 or so, I start dinner, so I do put on a show for the kids.  Unless it was yesterday, in which case we had firewood delivered and the kids were SO helpful! They had so much fun stacking/throwing the wood.

5:30ish we will eat.  

6:00 Bath time OR go for a family walk. (I try to bathe them during the day then!)

6:30 On a typical night, we unwind, read books, tidy up rooms.

Last night however, I had a pre-school board meeting, so it shook things up a bit.

7:00 Bradley goes to sleep, I usually watch a show with Brooke, unless she's cranky from not napping and then I'll let her read.

8:00 is Brooke's bed time and then Joe & I have time to relax (if he's home)

10:00 I try so hard to be in bed by this time!  I am obsessed with my Kindle Fire my mom got me for my birthday and read myself to sleep.   Currently reading:

Now, keep in mind this is a highlight reel.  I try to share my day on Snap Chat or Instagram -stories, and sometimes I show the dirty floors/dishes to keep it real.  But not all days are rainbows & butterflies.  There are frustrating moments with Bradley melting down because I wouldn't let him destroy our Paw Patrol puzzle, or when Brooke throws herself on the floor because I won't let her eat candy corn for breakfast.

I am definitely on a good path right now and have lots of positive energy flowing in this home.  I am working extra hard at creating happy days for all of us and keeping toxic people out; I attribute much of our happiness to that.   But I still have times when I'm emotional or angry; but I really try to just push those thoughts out and stay focused on the good.

I'm thinking of trying to put together a Day in the Life video--as it might be somewhat comical to look back on and I just keep thinking how busy I am now, and how much I'll miss these crazy kids when they're in school all day.  Thoughts?

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Firefly Lane was a great book! I read that a couple years ago!

  2. Sounds like a great day. And I love how everyday is different. Sometimes I feel like everyday is the same around here.


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