Monday, October 3, 2016

Top 5 Favorite Movies

My favorite movies! This wasn't too tough because I'm not someone who can read or watch something over and over and over again.  However, these five movies will capture my attention, if I'm placed in front of a TV with them on.  Here we go!

I think it's something about Joe and him being Italian; this movie comes on and we are done for.  Either we will be late to where we are supposed to be going or we will stay up far too late watching it.  It's a classic and the actors are the best. 
"What am I funny to you? Funny like a clown?"

I adore Reese (Sweet Home Alabama is a close one here as well!) But I think I will forever love that the idea of a beautiful blonde bombshell can make a difference in the world.  I also love how optimistic and happy she is throughout the whole thing.  And? I really wanted her dog.  I got a Chi-pin instead and she's enough for me!

I almost forgot about this one! I asked Joe to name my top five faves and he reminded me of this gem.  I did go to the theater 3x to see it. I am pretty sure my HS boyfriend went with me at least twice...either way, I was a HUGE Leo fan and this movie just made my entire HS career better LOL
No really, I loved it. My sister and I would watch it on the VHS tapes and we wouldn't want to pop in the second video because that's when we would start to ball our eyes out.
Why didn't you move over and let him climb up with you Rose?? I would have never let him just sit in the water and die.  I'm still bitter...

This is probably on every girl's top five list.  I mean really, is there a better story than this?
I think no.
Noah. Allie.  Everything about this the house, the water, the's a tearjerker and yet, I dreamed I would one day find a love like that.  I'm one of the lucky few who found it.  I also think it's such a good reminder to follow your heart, your dreams and always listen to yourself.  If she stayed with the other guy to make her parents happy, what kind of life is that?  We cannot do things simply to please our parents.  I firmly believe that parents should unconditionally love their children; we don't have to agree with what children may say or do, but you never stop talking to or loving your kid.  And if they do? Their loss.  Atta girl Allie!


I watched this movie before I was really allowed to watch "R" rated movies.  My mom considered it not too bad, as long as she fast-foward some scenes and had me close my eyes.  I literally laugh thinking about it, but I totally get it.  It really was a cute love story and shows that anything is possible and that your situation doesn't have to be permanent.  I also learned that love can really change people.  Either way, I was beyond ecstatic when I walked into shops on Rodeo Dr in 2011 and pretended to tell people, "Big mistake. Big. Huuuuuge." I really just joked around with Joe, but to say that I shopped in Beverly Hills---bucket list--check!  I love that she has a complete Cinderella story and I'm a total romantic at heart.


  1. I love your list! My list would be pretty similar, Pretty Woman is easily my favorite movie too! Titanic was on TV last night and I got sucked in. All my husband kept saying at the end was "there was plenty of room for him to fit on the raft too, why didn't she scoot over?!" haha. Happy Monday!

  2. Great list. I love those movies too. Been so long since I have seen Pretty Woman!


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