Monday, November 28, 2011

Cleaning & Organization

If you say it and act it, you will believe it. 
Well, maybe not, but it does feel SO good to have a clean and organized house.
I must admit that choosing to stay home this year is a bit of an adjustment.  All of those housework "things" that I just didn't have time to do properly, are quite literally staring at me in the face. Every.Single.Day.
It can be overwhelming, but like anything, you have to start somewhere.
I of course turned to Pinterest and shared some of those ideas in this post.
Well, I am not quite finished with the paint job yet, but I did go and spend $50 at the Dollar Tree in bins and cleaning supplies. This is what I have accomplished thus far.
Top bathroom drawer 
(just needs more of these cute little bins! 2 or 3 for $1 and they link together!!)
Now this drawer needs them too! Ick.
Yes that is a dreaded stick.
And yes, that is fake hair that I bought but it's not the right shade of blonde 
and I don't need more hair anyway! haha
Isn't funny how a simple organized drawer brings peace?
Or am I just a freak...
I also grabbed some cute bins for under the sinks. It is SO much easier to grab a bin out and take the cleaning supplies that I need, rather than knocking over half of the items in the front becuase what I really need is in the back.
 I also took the time to group things in bins of what I use the most, 
and extras keep in the back.
And most of my day was spent in the shower. 
It's older. 
It was gross. 
My nails hurt from scrubbing so hard.
But it was so worth it. 
We had so much junk lined on the top, it drove me nuts!
Another $1 store purchase!
I also scrubbed the floors and cleared away magazines etc.
That's my goal.
We are thinking of "re-doing the bathroom" as our Christmas gift to each other.
I'll pin about that later.
And for my final act, I organized hubby's second closet.
Yes, he has two.
I can't judge though.
The "guest room/future nursery" is my closet for the time being. 
Sigh of relief and satisfaction.
For now.
There are many more closets and rooms to be organized.
Cleaning supplies I cannot live without:
Oh, and my secret weapon? My daily living room sidekick:
It does cost a pretty penny, but I run it every day.
Then every other day I go through with a dry mop and the hardwood floor cleaner afterwards.
If you have dogs and hardwood floors, I HIGHLY recommend getting one.

Any great cleaning supplies I'm missing out on?
What are some ways you organize?

Cyber Monday began with some shopping for my man and a few others {who may read this lovely little blog} but I can say that I saved A LOT and I officially started my shopping.
 I made a delicious dinner and ended the night with a glass {ok, two} of:
I also purchased Michael Buble's Christmas CD.
I'm hoping it gets me in the mood to decorate!
A little snow would be nice too, thanks.


  1. Just found your blog tonight & love it!! I am the same about Clorox Wipes. I have them in every room in our house. I want a Roomba but I have a dog that thinks she needs to attack every moving thing so I don't see it going over to well... look forward to reading more!!

  2. I am in cleaning mode too! I have been crafting so much in the past few weeks that I am just flat out mad that I don't have a designated crafting area, and the kitchen gets destoyed when I get all of my crafts out! As soon as the Holidays are over and I slow down with the crats, I am raiding the Dollar Tree for all those bins and getting organized! Props to you for being on top of things!

    xo Julia


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