Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Stay-cation Recap

Thank you for those who wished my day to be better~ it certainly improved!! I'm so happy to be blogging about now again--I've been enjoying all of your upcoming Thanksgiving stories, recipes and current events.  It's great to be able to share mine!
Our "stay-cation" in review:

Monday: I went deer hunting. I was my first time and it was actually pretty cool! We only saw one deer running off as we walked through the woods after sitting in the stand.  

After our hunting expedition, we worked up quite an appetite, so we decided to check out the new sushi joint about 5 minutes from our house.  It's super trendy and doesn't feel like we're home.  We sat at the sushi bar and the sushi chef turned out to be the owner.  You learn so much by sitting there talking with them!

 Philly Roll & Spicy Tuna Hand Rolls

 Tuna Dumplings

Tuesday: He hunted, I had my Scentsy party at my house, so I spent most of the day prepping/cleaning for that.  I had some great people stop by and lots of laughs.

Wednesday: We went for a couples massage and ended up having sushi again!
This time we tried sushi pizza~ah-mazing!
Thursday: I had a hair appointment while Joe hunted and then we drove south to pick up our processed deer.  Of course, on the way back, we had to go to Dick's to buy a new trail cam, then go put it up at the land where he hunts.
Friday: Joe hunted again, then we went sushi again!! Seriously, it was that good and we were on "vacation" hehe.  We had a "date night" in, which included a nice fire 
and the movie:

It was a cute movie and we enjoyed it.

Saturday: We grabbed breakfast bagel sandwiches {this one place has low carb bagels that are actually yummy!} & I had a coffee and we were off to go shopping at the mall.  Some fun new purchases included:

in white


And a two infinity scarves.  Everything was buy one get one half-off, and I had 3 coupons. Yay!
And a new store Lush opened, so I had to bring home a sample of the all natural chocolate mask~
I liked it!
Of course, the red cup.
And even hubby had some great findings:
New shoes....trying to get him out of those Nikes 24/7!
And some fun Banana Purchases
 And some work pants, and a new sweater, and a new pair of jeans. He never finds stuff, so when he does it's game on!
For dinner we dined on some grilled venison tenderloins, marinated in balsamic vinegar dressing. 
Sunday: We went hunting again. I must say the only negative thing about it is having to shower with the "dirt soap".  It's really a scent remover, but I have realized that I just love pretty smells, and "fresh earthy scent" isn't one of them.  He's so serious!
We still saw nothing, but it was so warm out, it was easy just to enjoy the peace of nature that surrounded us.  We then hung around the house and watched the 49ers win again!!  It was a great to have Joe home for the week, I wish he got more time off than just 2 weeks a year.  

Have you taken a stay-cation?  Would you?
What do you to save money and still keep things fun & lively with your significant other?

I've been on a pumpkin kick, so I'll be sharing my pie & bread recipe shortly.  I'm so excited for Turkey Day.


  1. It sounds like you enjoyed the week and found loads of interesting thinks to do. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  2. HI HI HI!!!

    yes we are swap partners!! :-) i am so excited! What is your email address so we can exchange addresses and such! :-)

    your week looks like you had fun! Ive always wanted to try hunting haha im scared the gun would blow me backwards!


  3. Awwww, it looks like SO much fun! I am definitely in support of stay-cations!! I love going hunting with my husband. I don't shoot...but it's fun being there with him!!

  4. Okay Jenn.. WOW this is such a wonderful idea! This sounds like something Clayton and I need to do since we need to be saving money! We have been brainstorming inexpensive things to do together... thanks for the inspiration! It sounds like you did a lot of hunting! You looked much cuter in your camo than I did! I looked like a boy! I have never used the dirt soap and I hope I never have too! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Another female hunter!? Yay! I love love love hunting... I shot my first deer last deer season! There's no game here in Sicily though... bummer! Cute stay-cation though. Definitely a great idea. Love the photos :)


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