Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Travels (#2) Destination: Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas.
The song that came out around this time fittingly:

I had no real desire to go to Vegas. I didn't gamble. 
But we decided, hey what the heck.
 What brought us all the way out here? 

His cousin's wedding.  
As I type this, I am wondering when we can go back!
 We stayed at The Bellagio
Shopped at the forum shops at Caesar's Palace

 ~The Fontana Bar~
 Order a Bellini when you go!
 We rented a car & drove up through the mountains

 All dressed up to go to PURE

xo Cosmos xo

  • We would totally stay at Bellagio again {and have!!}
  • Learn how to play Black Jack--it's so fun!
  • I was told to play the slots at your own hotel, you always seem to get lucky = TRUE
  • Eat at Mon Ami Gabi {their oysters are killer}
  • Eat at Emerills in MGM {order the dry aged steak & garlic mashed mm}
  • If you like hot/spicy food eat at Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill {ceviche was amazing}
  • The ambiance of Yellow Tail sushi in Bellagio was great, but we spent $$$$ and left hungry
  • If you like sushi go to Caesar's and eat at Hyakumi-great sushi & value
  • Dress to impress, everyone looks fab all the time, or you look like tourist {which I hate looking like!}
  • We wouldn't rent a car again, just use the taxis
  • You can drink while you shop = trouble/fun!!
  • Studio 54 Nightclub was fun & so was PURE
  • Apparently Bellagio is re-doing Fontana Bar, so now it will be Hyde 
  • We shopped. We ate. We danced. We drank. We gambled. We relaxed by the pool. It really is an adult playground and loved it so much, returned the following year.
Can't get to Vegas right away?
At least make a Bellini! xox
Travel Date:  August 2008 {oh yeah, temps 100+}

Today I'm thankful for unconditional love, from those special people in our lives.
Tomorrow onto Mexico!



  1. Oh it looks like y'all had so much fun!! I've always wanted to go to Bobby Flay's resturant!

    xo Julia

  2. Vegas is a blast! I used to live in California, and we'd go there about 4 times a year since it wasn't too long of a drive. LOVE IT!


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