Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oh What a Pinteresting Morning!

Today I am grateful for all my new bloggy friends!!
 And of course~It's Wednesday
which means today I link up with:


For a random assortment of fabulous pins...

Let's begin with this recipe 
{because I have way too many butterfingers & I need them to be gone pronto!}

And after that delicous pin, I'll need to have a date with the master:

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

One should have this outlook, not only for the month of November, but always :

And of course, thinking about Turkey Day, are we?

I'm in the mood to change up pillows, but not drain the bank! 
However, my sewing skills are less than, um...well, they just aren't! 
No-sew Pillows!!

 Each year I buy myself some VS pjs for the winter
and it's that time of year again folks!

...I'm already starting to miss
the warm summer air & reading outside

 I'll end with sipping one of these
{because I love to drink these every day!!}

While reading one of my favorite magazines:

And counting down the days until my MOST FAVORITIST{yes, I said it}
holiday of all...


  1. love love love all your pins! I need to follow you on pinterest! :)

  2. Yes! I was just telling my husband that I need a new pair of flannel VS pjs this year. And those desserts look amazing!

  3. I love Jillian Michaels and VS everything : )

  4. Those no sew pillows are so cute! Loving the fabrics. And I so wish I had Christmas mantle like that!

  5. yay! turkey day is coming. i love to drink green tea too so many health benefits as well. and those pillows are darling

  6. I love the way you set this post up! I dont put that much thought into mine lol..Hope you dont mind but Im gonna copy your technique for next weeks post!
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

  7. have you done the 30 day shread? im asking for it for christmas but havent heard much feedback.

    and VS pj's are on my christmas list as well :)

  8. I started the tradition of buying Christmas pj's last year and mine were from VS too! They always have the cutest ones!


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