Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday Randoms

I still have yet to figure out a great way to organize my summer/winter wardrobe.
Now that I am using the dresses to transition, it's hard to pack things away!


Any suggestions??

Living  in upstate New York also poses the problem of constant weather changes.
One day it is 60 degrees.
The next, 31 & snowing.

My sinuses have been acting up, but I really hate taking medicines.
Hubby & I thought we'd try this:

It actually does help you breathe better!!

Today I am thankful for my dogs.
They can be a pain, but more than anything they are our adorable furbabies.
New button idea 

{if I can ever figure out how to actually make the grab button appear!!}
Ok ladies, it's off to the gym & errand running time so I can enjoy an awesome date night tonight!!
Come back soon as I reveal my newest giveaway--like, legit, never used, brand new!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone


  1. I use the Space Saver Vac bags for my clothes. The weather's been persnickety too in Atlanta, so I have unloaded some sweaters, packed away some of my summer things, and just layer.

  2. I would give you tips, but I reorganize my clothes just about every two weeks lol...this is my favorite organizing site...maybe youll find somthing :)

  3. I can't wait to hear about your giveaway!! Could I get your email address? I couldn't find it on your profile and am going to be sending out stuff about the book club soon!! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  4. Ahhhh, the weather has been really crazy here, too! Not snow, but 80s one day and 40s the next! I usually just keep everything out so I don't have to pack anything up!!

  5. I have been struggling with changing my wardrobe out from fall clothes to winter clothes. It's not an easy task! Hope you are able to organize your wardrobe the way you want it. Also, your dogs are too adorable!

    I am your newest follower, and I would love it if you would check out and follow my blog if you like it! Hope you get the change to stop by :)

    Morgan Daymude

  6. hey girlie email me at megmouch(at)gmail(dot)com and i can provide you a great tutorial on how to get the grab button code under your button!


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