Friday, November 4, 2011

Wedding Craft Ideas

I am thankful for such wonderful friends (Nov. 3) & an awesome family (Nov. 4). 
{Forgot to post with yesterday's!} 

So, I'm a bit slow with getting my wedding scrapbooks together.
But, I feel it is worth the time & effort.
The first one I'm working on is our "Guest Book".  {Pictures here}

I put it together prior to the wedding day & left it out so people could add to it. I am so happy I did this. 

It provided a creative outlet for our guests to leave a thoughtful or funny note.

It also gave me something to look forward to as I put pictures in to match with the notes our guests left.

 Our office looks like this when crafting!:
But that's ok! ;)

On a random note, a creative and wonderful gift I received from my friend Alison:

She took our invitation and put some scrapbook paper behind it, and placed it in a new frame. 

What a great way to show off that pretty little invite!  Thanks again Al!! xoxo

Any other cute personal gift ideas out there?  I love a good heart-warmer!


  1. Love the scrapbook! It's so cute and the perfect keepsake :)

  2. how sweet is your friend to do that with your wedding invitation!! and a scrapbook is definitely a great way to remember, it has been almost 1.5 years since our wedding and i am forgetting things already :-(

  3. Awe what a cute gift the frame was

  4. Awwww love it! PS posting as anonymous Love, Alison

  5. Love the idea of the framed invitation! Such a great reminder of a wonderful day :)


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