Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday's Fancies: All that Glitters is Gold

Happy Friday.
Veteran's Day.
Did you make your wish?
I decided to wake up extra early today and make my handsome hunter a good hearty breakfast
{purely selfish: I want him to get that deer! It helps me with dinner ideas!}
In other news, one of my good friends~NORM~is coming home for the weekend.
Joey & I have a date night tomorrow! xox
Sunday means Brunch with the gang!
Monday officially begins our "Staycation"!

Miss {AV} at long distance loving is having her 50th week of Friday's Fancies!!
To honor that, we went gold. Check out all of the awesome creations!
All that Glitters is Gold

L Wren Scott short evening dress
$3,545 -

Dolce Gabbana leopard clutch
$1,825 -

Diane Kordas rose gold diamond ring
$5,990 -

Erickson Beamon gold bangle
$840 -

I'm loving this rose gold trend...Christmas wish list...hint hint
 And of course:
Today I'm thankful for coffee
It's warming, wakes me up & smells fantastic.
Cheers to any of you who are enjoying some java!!


  1. I am loving that gold dress... so gorgeous! Have a good weekend, girl :)

  2. What a STUNNING dress! Loving the ombre look with the sequins! Have a great weekend and start to your staycation! Love that idea!

  3. Wow that dress is so simple yet so gorgeous! Great pick! Enjoy your weekend :)

  4. That is gorgeous!!! Love rose gold and this showcases it perfectly!! Nice work, you've officially made me want to get dressed up for no apparent reason! :)

  5. This dress is SO gorgeous! Happy weekend and 11/11/11!

  6. Oooo, love all the pieces you chose!

    Enter my Stella & Dot giveaway:

  7. I really want a glittery dress for New Years! If only I could afford that.

  8. What a spectacular dress! I want it...except that's WAY OUT OF MY BUDGET! Oh well.. Happy Friday!

    Just discovered your blog after reading your comment on Meg's blog :)

  9. Sounds like you've got a bunch of fun plans!

    And that dress is so fun :)

  10. LOVE the dress :) Have a fantastic weekend!! xoxo, eliza

  11. How adorable is your blog? A-dor-able! Love it! Thanks for your sweet comment and following. I am now following you through your site and Bloglovin (love love) as well! Happy Friday!

  12. That dress is amazing! It's just so sparkly and pretty. Definitely on my "in my dreams" wishlist this year!


  13. Oh my. That ring just made my heart skip a beat. :)

  14. what a great wife you are fixing your husband a hearty breakfast. hope he brings you back some deer. great sparkly glittery gold dress!! what a fun party type of dress

  15. rose gold is so gorgeous & sweet. i'm a big fan of that dress - so much fun! :)

  16. I absolutely love the rose gold! I want a rose gold watch so badly, but I love my current black and gold Marc Jacobs one so much I just can't justify buying another one...meh! Hope you're enjoying your staycation!


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