Thursday, November 10, 2011

Healthy Snack

I love to bake and cook {and no, my dinners are not usually 'diet' friendly.}
I do try to make foods from scratch or eat them in their natural state.
Diets don't work (for me)
So I go with the approach of whole, natural, organic...
No processed food.

Lately I've been on this delicious snack kick:

 Healthy snack
  • organic strawberries
  • organic super {yogurt vanilla}
  • organic golden flaxseed meal
 I love the nutty flavor the flaxseed gives

 Perfect for a quick breakfast or an in between meals snack

What healthy snacks do you girls make?  I am always looking to explore new healthy treats.

Today I'm thankful for the peace & calm that has enveloped my life.
It is not hectic.
nor crazy.
And I know that it won't stay like this forever, so at the moment,
I cherish this silence.

Happy Thursday!  

P.S. I'm so excited Joe has 2 days left of work then our "staycation" officially begins~yay!!


  1. I like good old fashion frozen grapes!

  2. I'm not big on healthy eating but I do love strawberries! Looks yummy! And have fun on your staycation :)

  3. wow what a great healthy snack!! definitely don't gie you the afternoon lulls like a piece of cake or cookie would do. i will stay away from the chocolate, i will stay away from the chocolate as my stomach is rumbling away


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