Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vacation #3: Cancun, Mexico

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Today I am thankful for organic food that nourishes our body.
And onto our next adventure:
The song that reminds us of this vaca is this one!

We flew to Daytona for a day to see his grandparents, then flew over to Cancun.

 We spent a lot of time on the beach, 
but it was a bit more cloudy than I would have liked.
 We stayed at The Gran Melia all inclusive resort.

 It was beautiful & I would recommend staying there



our favorite little place with amazing authentic food!

Highlights of this trip:
  • beautiful warm water
  • unlimited food (all included)
  • drinks were all included
  • pools
  • great staff--one waiter kind of became, "our" waiter {we tipped him really well b/c he was awesome and he took great care of us!!}
  • sushi was so fresh
  • authentic Mexican food was unbelievably good 
  • we snorkeled with fish out in the ocean
  • bought some really unique items for our house {hand painted fruit bowl}
I want to be honest in my blog and so I will say, out of all the places I've been with Joe, this was my least favorite trip.  There were several reasons...
I was deathly afraid of the water {as we were told numerous times, don't drink the water!}
If you have seen SATC movie, you may remember Charlotte's episode...
Yeah, well, that did end up happening.  
I didn't drink coffee anywhere but our room with bottled water that I made.
I ordered bottled water only.
I only drank frozen drinks :(
I ate the soup.
It was no fun that night.
Language Barrier
I took French in high school & college
Joe took Italian
"Hola" was about as foreign as we got! 
So, we did struggle a bit here and there
Lost Grandpa
I also had just lost my grandfather, in January, who battled Alzheimer's for awhile and it was the first time I had to experience death of a loved one.
It was horrible.
I didn't know how to deal. 
The not yet engaged couple
Joe and I were literally just a year dating so we were still working out our own relationship quirks.
He was no where near popping the question, though we talked about it a lot, but I still had insecurities. 
I didn't resarch, plan, & organize things to do!
I now know this years later, but Joe & I understand the word "vaction" to be different.
He wants to be on the go, exploring, moving, shaking, running, trying, doing, go, go go!
I love to park my butt on the beach with a trashy read and soak up that sun while sipping an ice cold beverage.
Don't get me wrong, I love to explore too, but I'm telling you, hubby won't lay on the beach or near a pool for more than 30 mins.

As you read my later vacations, we perfected this opposites attract hurtle and now are great travel companions!!

Please do not think I am complaining about my trip to Cancun. I value it and did enjoy myself and more than anything, view it as a HUGE learning curve.  I just don't know if we'll ever return to that particular city. I'd like to give Mexico another shot, but there are also a billion other places my feet have yet stepped.

Travel Date: February 2009


  1. LOVING all your vacation posts!!! totally making me want to go somewhere!!!! NOW! :)

  2. love cancun! that is where my husband and i went on our honeymoon. fortunately we stayed away from the water and didn't get sick, yay us! and your photos are gorgeous. and traveling with a not yet spouse sure teaches you about each other, but then it teaches you even after you get married :-)

  3. Those pictures are gorgeous! I have never been to Mexico, but a post like this makes me want to go. Badly. The white sand and beautiful water is just beautiful!

  4. Oh, it's looks beautiful there! I have always been scared to go to Mexico though. My mom went when she was in HS for her senior trip and they all got sick from the water! But I know what you mean about the Hubby situation. Neil is fine while we're on the beach, but as soon as we go in, he wants to GO, GO, GO non stop. That's ok tho. I always make sure to plan right down to the very last detail so we don't run into any issues.

    And thanks for the comment! I did a post about the shop here: It just shows a few pictures of the outside. I haven't posted about any of our products, but I have a post I'm working on now that features some. Right now I'm working on getting my Christmas candles, soaps and bath stuff made up! And my mom and grandmere are responsible for the sewing thing, I've been sewing since I was like 5 haha. Sorry this was such a long comment! Hope you are having a wonderful week!!

    xo Julia

  5. You could never tell from the photos that this wasn't your favorite trip! You guys sure look like you're having a fantastic time! I haven't been to Mexico in years!! Your fabulous pictures make me want to go back!

  6. I think Joe and Matt would get along perfectly on a vacation together :O) LOL

  7. Mexican food is my favorite! Looks like you two are having a blast!


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