Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Good morning! I hope this day finds you in great spirits.
I'm not sure if it's the good night's sleep 
or the warmish weather here in upstate New York, 
but I'm feeling great {or maybe both!}

I also love making other people happy, and today that someone is 
Alison is the winner of my first giveaway, a purse, an audio book & a novel. 

I used Random.Org
There were 24 entries {thank you all!!}
and #2 was chosen!

I apologize for not being incredibly internet savvy, I don't know how to get that image to post
I may or may not have taken a photo of the image,
but it's taking forever to send to my email??
Alison, send me your 'US Addy' and I'll get your goodies shipped right to you...er...your bro's GF? =)
Also, the power of  {positive} attraction works!! (Check out what she wrote hehe)

If you haven't checked out her awesome blog, please do:

Today I'm thankful for my sense of smell. I love things that smell fabulous.
I'm holding my first scentsy party next week and the hard part is picking out which scent to warm!!
{Hazelnut Latte, Christmas Cottage, or Midnight Fig}

If you're interested in ordering, my online party is open until November 28.

P.S.  Be on the look out for some awesome giveaways coming up! I have contacted several companies & received some warming responses so get ready ladies...jewels, tasty foods, scents...

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. YAY! I am so so excited! :) Thank you! :)I can't believe I won! :)Ok I will get you a US address! :)


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