Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hey it's OK

Today I am linking up over at:

Its Ok Thursdays

  •  I will re-wash a load of laundry if it sat too long because I HATE that old laundry smell!!
  • That I may have had to re-wash a load 3 times out of pure laziness of not drying it quick enough
  • To want my hubby to shoot a deer so we can have tasty venison!
  • That I am still new to blogging and need to google internet slang {OOTD = outfit of the day, duh!?}
  • I totally ate a snack size Butterfinger before breakfast
  • I need to clean the kitchen before I can mess it up again
  • I will turn the car around to go home and triple check that I turned off my CHI straightener!

  • I simply cannot function without exception.
  • I won't go to the store, if I know I have coupons {and forgot them at home!}
  • To love carbs a little too much. bread.bagels.pasta.rolls.rice.noodles. 
  • To never get enough "girl time".  I love my girls!!
  • To sometimes not want to get dressed & just stay in this:
Source: via Syl on Pinterest



  1. I ate a snack size Butterfinger before breakfast today too! Ahh I'm not the only one! :)

    Much love,

  2. Too funny...I just googled OOTD yesterdat! Glad I'm not the only one : )

  3. Candy, the breakfast of champions. mmmm... :)

  4. Girl, I had to google OOTD a few days ago too. I felt like I was such a newbie, but now we know!

    xo Julia

  5. I didn't know what OOTD or others meant for a long time either... you're not alone! :) ♥


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